Wizards of Video Limited | 249 Cairn St, London Ontario Canada N5Z 3W6

Wizards of Video Limited is a privately owned, Canadian company located in London Ontario. The company was founded in 1978, producing primarily industrial and business related video programs.


The company is involved with a range of business sectors, including the petrochemical industry, the food industry, the agribusiness sector, transportation industry, the automotive industry, the financial services industry, as well as a number of OEMs.

Today, the company produces of video, computer based training programs and multimedia programming and calls on the services of freelance individuals for voice over work in various languages, translations, and music composition.


The core business remains the same today as it was in 1978, although there have been giant leaps in technology since then.

Modern production techniques allow for more flexibility in the delivery of programs, including interactivity between the user and the production. Adapting to these technologies and finding innovative applications for them is an ongoing part of the company's activities.


As part of the company's policy, Wizards Of Video contributes to non-profit and charitable organizations providing free, or 'at cost' video services.